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Brookside Residential Care Home was formed in 1995. If you read about how Brookside came about on our About Us page, you will discover that, from the beginning, there was an emphasis on family life and’ being part of the family’. This is something that has remained at the core of the business: family values. Having a family means spending time together and doing things together. This is a win-win situation for our residents because they have their own family who can come and visit and take part in activities and they also have the other resident and staff: their Brookside Family. Twice the family equals twice the fun!

It is so important that our elderly relatives have access to a varied and interesting rota of activities. Our events and activities don’t just bring joy to our residents but also promote mental and physical wellbeing, stimulate mental ability and memories and provide a fundamental part of the care plan for every resident who lives in our home.

Here is a selection of events and activities that we have adopted over the years that have become family favourites:


There are a plethora of arts and craft activities that we put on for our residents at Brookside. From card making to baking to flower arranging: these types of activities stimulate co-ordination; mental agility and it is simply good fun to create something artistic. Here are of our craft activities:

CARD MAKING – using a range of materials and options

BAKING - cakes, cookies and biscuits (and eating them of course!)

FLOWER ARRANGING– a rewarding activity that promotes creativity

PAINTING & DRAWING – excellent for mental stimulation for the elderly

MODELLING – with clay or even dough is a good activity for dexterity and maintaining strength


It goes without saying that heath and fitness for the elderly is extremely important. We all slow down as our age increases and ensuring that we dedicate some time to strength, agility and flexibility is crucial in order to keeping us active for as long as possible. Here are some examples of activities for the elderly that we have included in our care home activities planner:

CHAIROBICS – a low intensity aerobics activity that is performed whilst sitting down. Chairobics is designed to gently promote circulation and aerobic capacity without overdoing the intensity. The fun factor is brought by a good instructor and some carefully selected music

GARDENING – for those that are green-fingered and more able: a spot of potting plants in the garden will get the residents out into the fresh air for an al fresco experience. For those with a love of gardening, the ability to nurture and tend to plants and flowers is perfect for mental wellness

VILLAGE WALKS – we are lucky enough to be situated in the picturesque village of Braybrooke near Market Harborough. If we choose, we can enjoy short walks through the village to enjoy the village church, village events, any local farm animals that happen to be out or a spot of lunch in The Swan (local village pub).

GARDEN EVENTS – those with a penchant for garden games can enjoy Brooksides outdoor events with games to make memories with family members, boules, help keep joints mobile and a competitive spring in their step!

ANIMALS FOR THE ELDERLY – We have guests at Brookside who are hairy or feathered (and we’re not talking about our residents of course!) A day with Lilly the Labradoodle or a visit from a barn owl has been known. Animals and pets have been found to help the elderly to reduce stress and anxiety, lower blood pressure, increase social interaction and physical activity and even help the learning process.


We offer a monthly calendar of events for our residents to choose from. We like to think that they will never be short of entertainment that is relevant, enjoyable and something to which everyone looks forward. Here are some examples from our care home events list:

GUEST SINGER - Our guest singer has always been a crowd pleaser. With a repertoire of classics from the eras of our residents, (usually from when they were in their 20s or 30s) he has the ability to evoke happy memories as well as get those feet tapping! Guest singers are a great way to improve or maintain mental ability and if we’re lucky, we also get to hear some of our residents sing along with a few songs too! Sometimes, residents want to sing along but can’t remember the words. This is not a problem as we can always print the words to songs out after a quick Google search.

OUTINGS & TRIPS – we don’t like to stare at the same four walls all the time. Who does? So, we arrange regular visits to other venues to make sure that our residents are engaged with the outside world and getting external stimuli. Some of our haunts are Foxton Locks and Langton Garden Centre & Tea Rooms and lunch at the local village inn

SEASONAL EVENTS – it goes without saying that we celebrate all of the regular known dates of celebration throughout the year. Christmas is always passed with a roast turkey, Christmas tree and carol singing. Halloween might even see a scary mask or two! Our seasonal celebrations extend to dates across the calendars of all of the cultures of our residents. This ensures respect for everyone as well as making sure that our residents get to enjoy as many events as possible!


We have a wide selection of games at Brookside that are always available to residents. Our variety extends to (but is not limited by):

PUZZLES – a fun activity with an end goal that promotes an active mind as well as dexterity

CARDS – of which a variety of games can be undertaken. Excellent for the memory.

BOARD GAMES – life wouldn’t be the same without a nostalgic game of Monopoly, Cluedo, Chess or similar classic

FUZZY FELTS – something to trigger old memories


CARE HOME MOVIE NIGHT – We like nothing better than to put a film on that takes our residents back to their youth. Watching a film all together is much more sociable than watching TV alone and the residents can then talk about the film once it has finished.

MUSIC – Residents might wish to share their favourite songs and share music time with their fellow residents. Music is a great connection with the past as well as mentally stimulating.

SKILLSHARING – a resident may have a skill from their career or an interest that they might wish to share with other people. If someone is adept at writing, drawing or another skill, they might relish the opportunity to show their fellow residents.

It is clear to see that there are plenty of activities that can be added into the events and activities schedule for a care home. A full and varied timetable will benefit of all of the care home residents mentally, physically and emotionally and can only add to the positive experience that a resident guest has in the care home environment.

If you would like to find out more about our activities, rooms, or even to plan a visit to our home then get in touch with our live-in manager.


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